Why am I a Christian?

Reflection Piece

This whole site is about faith.

So, an obvious post should be on why I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many reasons. From a peripheral standpoint. The reasons are as follows:

  • I was brought up in a Christian household- my parents are Christians.
  • I grew up in the church, when I was young my mother played a central role in ensuring that every Sunday we would go to Church without fail. My father would listen to premier radio and I would listen to preaching by pastors like Charles Stanley, John Macarthur, Brian Brodersen
  • I myself naturally enjoyed going to Church
  • I enjoyed Sunday school – I was quite a studious kid so anything to do with school I loved including Sunday school at church! My Sunday school teachers were great too so I liked Church.

I’ve grown up in an environment where talking about God and expectations about believing in God is second nature. But as important as all of those all are. They merely set me in the right direction to walk in faith. But they aren’t necessarily the key reasons for why I have kept my faith in the Lord and believe in Jesus Christ.

The reason I have faith in the God is because I have settled in my heart and mind that he is not only real but he is my God. And this certitude comes from a combination of personal experiences where I’ve seen events happened that could only be justified by someone greater than myself and cannot be rationalized by what I see or sense in the physical.

I acknowledge and fully believe that God is my creator and God is the truth. And I know that word truth can be problematic! I hear a lot of people talk saying: “well yes that may be true for you but its not true for me. Let me walk in my truth“. Propagating this idea that truth is relative. But that logic is false.

When Jesus was arrested and questioned by Pontius Pilate, Jesus said the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. And Pilate remarked “What is truth”. -John 18:37-38

I can understand that response. We live in a world where people fabrications can become true. All you need is to people to think that something is true and gather enough support behind it, for it to be deemed true! But that is not the truth because the truth is true under every circumstance so by that very logic to say that the truth is relative is wrong because what is true is true under every state there’s no relativity about it; the truth is as it is.

And God is the truth. In the book of Exodus when God was revealing himself to Moses, Moses asks God who he is. God simply states that


Exodus 3:14

That my friends is truth.

 So all those questions and doubts that we have, those internal yearnings we all have for meaning and purpose is found in God. But we humans are limited and flawed in our thinking (by sin) and we need to learn the truth.  Psalm 86:11 says it perfectly

Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth”

Psalm 86:11

Now suppose I’ve convinced you that there now is a god. The follow up question may be how do I know that the Christian God, is the one and only true God. There are so many religions, spiritualities ideologies, how do I know for certain that God, is found in Christianity (or THE WAY as it was primarily known)? Why do I need to believe in Jesus?

For me what convinces me is that of all the religions of all the leaders that have ever come into the world. Jesus was the only one who claimed to be God and he backed up what he said by performing miracles and rising from the dead. He claimed this all in his own ability not referring to anything but doing this in his own authority.

Also, of all the religions God is outward we have to go searching for him, we need to do good in order to be acknowledged by God, by in Christianity God came to us. Through Jesus, he gave us access to Himself and by simply believing in Jesus we  can come and have a relationship with God and really starting living life. Guaranteed eternal life. So for me that’s why I have faith in the Lord.

That why I believe in God!

Signing off

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