Laying new Lawn – The Spiritual lesson I learnt from my mistake

Naturally, there is the desire to just remove all the undesirable and unsightly things we don’t want. But in that approach harm could come to the beloved. I can see why God may allow blessings to flow on both good and evil to protect the beloved while they’re maturing….

Jesus Restores Peter

This post focuses on how Jesus restores Peter and through their dialogue we can learn how in similar fashion, Jesus can restore us despite our mistakes and setbacks.

Names of God

Who is God? As God said himself He is: I am who I am / I will be what I will be. This can be expressed in the many names of God as seen through scripture and known by many people experientially all over the world. So lets explore them.


Hey everyone! After 6 months I’m back and its good to be back! I took a very long break for a variety of reasons, personal, familial , moving house! But its the first Sunday of the 2nd quarter of 2022 and I thought it would be a good place to get back into the swing…


Purity describes who you are and what you do. It applies both to your character and to your conduct, especially when you are alone.  To be a pure person I would define as …

Ezra and Nehemiah – Church and State

The combination of both the religious zeal of Ezra and the excellent leadership and forward thinking skills of Nehemiah is the the perfect union of how church and state should be.

Zerubbabel: The lesson to push through opposition

If I were to ask you who Ezra was, I’m sure you would be familiar with his name or be able to identify that there’s a book in the Bible named after him. But if I were to ask you who Zerubbabel is could you answer with the same familiarity? Zerubbabel was ….


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